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With the perfect balance of computer training courses, medical and clinical courses, and job search training: I developed an amazing resume and portfolio that highlights my expertise, which has resulted in a fulfilling career.
Brenda Yacyshyn, Medical Office Assistant with Unit Clerk Specialty Graduate
I never really felt the traditional learning style was effective for me. I found the Integrated Learning™ System used by the Academy of Learning Career College enabled me to learn so much more.
Jessica Yacucha, Business Office Skills Graduate
Academy of Learning Career College’s individualized, self-paced training allowed me to go over lessons as many times as I needed and I was not restricted by a classroom schedule.
Sara Fazael, Computerized Accounting Graduate
I am glad I made Academy of Learning Career College my choice and I highly recommend them to anybody who is seeking a credible qualification with a flexible study schedule.
Bert Geyer, Network Administrator Graduate
I was able to graduate ahead of schedule and land my dream job through the confidence and skills that I have learned while attending the Academy of Learning Career College.
Shelly Gervais, Office Administration Graduate
I absolutely appreciate the professionalism the Edmonton Downtown campus has. Makes my choosing to be a student here that much more enjoyable. The staff rocks!
Jennifer Scott, Legal Administrative Assistant Graduate
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