If you’re thinking about getting into the business of insurance, access to the right opportunities, beginning with the best possible insurance training, is paramount to your success as a young graduate. It’s a highly competitive world out there, and it’s growing more competitive by the day. Having an excellent grasp on the intricacies of the industry is extremely important; you need to be immersed in a top notch program that will teach you more than just the basics to get a leg up. A good education is helpful, but a great education is what gets you to the top. With Academy of Learning Career College Alberta, you’ll get incredible training from top-notch instructors, have access to a wealth of resources and information and have the opportunity to rub elbows with some of the biggest names in the insurance business.

Insurance Practical Skills

One of the most important things that sets Academy of Learning College Alberta apart from other programs is that students gain knowledge and skills that are useful in a variety of positions within the insurance industry, not just basic skills that will equip you for a specific type of job. This means that you’ll graduate with the knowledge and skills to put you in any number of great jobs within the insurance world, not just groom you for one specific route of employment. Courses offered are extremely vast and varied, ranging from “Principles of Selling,” to classes that are more in line with business admin courses. The Insurance program at Academy of Learning College Alberta will prepare you for a career as a:

  • Insurance Advisor
  • Insurance Broker
  • Insurance Agent
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Sales Representative

And many other great careers.

A Great Student Experience

Unlike some other schools, Academy of Learning College Alberta is there to ensure that as a student you have the best and most rewarding scholastic experience possible. This means great instructors that will provide one-on-one help whenever you need it, an extremely practical and hands-on approach to teaching skills, assistance finding a job when you graduate, extremely flexible class hours and much more. There’s also the monthly “Student Appreciation Day,” in which the school recognizes all the hard work that students – whether they be in insurance or health care training – put in by celebrating with food, drinks, guest speakers, a full banquet and a ton of entertainment. How’s that for a great student experience?

With a mixture of unparalleled and exceptional training for a variety of fields and an incredible student experience, studying insurance at Academy of Learning College Alberta is an exceptional learning experience that will prepare you for success in the world of insurance and business.