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Education is not the final destination. It’s a vehicle to take you to where you want to go with your career. We’re here to celebrate the milestone moments on your journey to a career you love!

Your journey to a new career and a brighter future starts right now. And at Academy of Learning Career College (AOLCC), we’re here to coach, support, and provide you with the hands-on experience you need to find your moment – the moment when everything changes.

With our self-paced, personalized, one-on-one supported Integrated Learning™ System, and our flexible schedules, you can start training for a new career right away. New classes start every week!

Join our community of students and alumni who have invested in their education and are pursuing their passions (and finding rewarding careers) in Healthcare, Business, Community Service, Accounting, Technology, Legal, Design, Hospitality, and more.

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What Students Have to Say...

A New Path to a New Passion for ChandelleStudent Spotlight
July 20, 2021

A New Path to a New Passion for Chandelle

Chandelle Mackenzie has a passion for helping people change their lives. The long-time personal trainer loved being able to lead people to a healthier lifestyle through fitness, and now she’s…
A Program That Fits Mae Mangalao's Passion PerfectlyStudent Spotlight
July 9, 2021

A Program That Fits Mae Mangalao’s Passion Perfectly

Mae Mangalao has always had a passion for caring for people. It’s what she’s dedicated her life to. In 2012, she left the Philippines and lived in Hong Kong to…
Mastering Your Future with Koren RothStudent Spotlight
June 29, 2021

Mastering Your Future with Koren Roth

Returning to school as an adult can be an overwhelming and difficult decision, but it was one that Koren Roth needed to make. It’s changed her life. After enduring a…

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We’ve taken all of the key elements required for maximum success in career training and developed an innovative system that integrates them all called the Integrated Learning System (ILS). The result is a system that helps you learn – and retain what you learn – by making you the focus.

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You can enroll and start training anytime with confidence! Our programs are designed for a flexible schedule so that you can pursue your career goals while managing your responsibilities at home and work.

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Through our Integrated Learning System (ILS), you can study online and build your skills step by step, so you can complete your coursework at your own pace and according to your schedule.

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We offer condensed programs that emphasize the practical skills you’ll use in your career, so you can earn your Diploma or Certificate in 12 months or less.

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Through resume training, practicum studies, and student support services, we help our students and graduates prepare for and find meaningful employment.

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Education is an investment you can afford. We’ll help you explore financial aid options, build a budget, complete your program, and find a career where you can earn more and build your financial future.

No matter what life changing moment you’re looking for in your career, we’ll help you get there.

I really recommend AOLCC for their being so focus on every student. I'm impressed on their patience to help every student everyday.. They always thought me to keep going especially when I'm having a hard time on some subjects. I love all the teachers and staff, they don't just love their job.. but also they love students and take care of them.

Kyla ElaineAOLCC Graduate

I currently have 60 employees under me and look forward to what the future holds. I appreciate all the school has done for me and now with being successful in this program I am on my way to taking over my bosses job.

Shannon PeddyAOLCC Graduate

I love this school. I really like the fact that you learn at your own pace. The staff at AOLCC are always ready to help when you need it. I have and will recommend AOLCC to friends and family.

Jewel LaChanceAOLCC Student

Had a great experience with the staff here. A career college that is very accommodating and flexible. The flexibility was greatly appreciated especially when one work full-time and doing a full-time course.

Heidi-Ann BulterAOLCC Student

Currently attending a 1 year course for PC Support Specialist. The course so far has been good and has already helped me with working on my own personal computers. The staff is great and helpful. They take your security very seriously, so guest must check in. But if you tell the front desk in advance you won't have issues.

Nic NygrenAOLCC Student

I just want to thank the Academy of Learning Career College for giving me a start as a new comer to Canada. I am so grateful now because I feel a sense of belonging because I am now a member of the healthcare field. It is a career I have always wanted.

Marcia BennettAOLCC Graduate

During my learning experience at Academy of Learning Career College, I received encouragement, help with all my course related issues and much positive feedback with regards to career objectives and education training objectives.

Peter TannerAOLCC Graduate

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