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Academy of Learning Career College has hundreds of exciting certificate courses, all targeted to give students the training they need to get ahead. The exclusive Integrated Learning™ System allows you to learn at your own pace within your flexible committed guidelines.  There’s no need to keep pace with other students. Each lesson contains a clearly defined objective and tests the understanding of the content. If you do not fully understand the lesson, you can repeat it before moving on to the next one.  All certificate courses are supported by on-site qualified college facilitators.  Select a course category below to get started.

Accounting Courses


Accounting courses are designed for individuals interested in upgrading their skills in the fields of accounting, or finance.

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Business Skills Courses

Business Skills

Business Skills courses provide students with the essentials skills in management, marketing, and office skills

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Computer Fundamentals Courses

Computer Fundamental

Computer Fundamental courses provide a learning platform in the latest Windows operating system or update internet skills.

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Customer Service Skills Courses

Customer Service

Customer Service Skills courses prepare students for the many roles and responsibilities of Help Desk workers.

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English Training - Academy of Learning

English Training

These courses are designed specifically for those who wish to improve their English reading, writing, and speaking abilities.

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Employability Skills Courses

Employability Skills

Employability Skills Courses cover job search techniques while encouraging personal and professional growth and success.

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Graphics & Web Design Courses

Graphic & Web Design

Graphic & Web Design courses are ideal for those who wish to pursue a career in web editing, graphic design, and print or online development.

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Healthcare Courses


Healthcare courses designed for those pursuing a healthcare career, and for professionals to enhance their skills.

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Home Inspection Courses

Home Inspection

Home Inspection courses are designed for individuals interested in pursuing in an exciting career as a home inspector.

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Insurance Skills Courses


Insurance Skills courses introduce students to the licensing requirements and processes necessary for a career in Insurance.

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Microsoft Office Courses

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office courses is a collection of desktop applications that includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and much more.

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Technology Courses - Academy of Learning


Technology courses are designed for students interested in a career in IT, Blockchain or obtain industry-standard certification.

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What makes the (ILS) Great?

Simply a Better Way to Learn

Simply a Better Way to Learn

Our Integrated Learning System is fresh, modern and advanced.

It is no accident that Academy of Learning (AOLCC) is the leading private career college in Canada and has created career opportunities for more than 100,000 students. What is the secret to our success? Any of our graduates will tell you that it’s AOLCC’s unique approach to training – an approach that meets learners where they are and gets them where they want to be while being mindful of their time, finances, and responsibilities outside of school.

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