Conference and Event Management

This course introduce tools and techniques used to successfully plan and organize conferences and events.

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40 Hours
What you'll learn
  • Overview of the Industry
  • The Conference and Event Planner
  • Using Effective Planning Strategies
  • Researching the Event
  • Defining Goals and Objectives
  • Developing the Event Program
  • Inviting Guests and Managing Registrations
  • Understanding Event Marketing Basics
  • Identifying Event Vendors and Suppliers
  • Working with Event Exhibitors
  • Making Venue Choices
  • International and Multicultural Events
  • Planning, Developing and Approving the Event Budget
  • Confirming the Conference and Event Plan
  • Preparing Requests for Proposals
  • Signing Contracts for Services
  • Booking Presenters and Speakers
  • Understanding Legal Responsibilities
  • Overseeing Onsite Services
  • Organizing Event Setup and Registration
  • Assisting Event Guests
  • Completing Post-Event Activities
  • Understanding Corporate Meetings
  • Planning Effective Meetings
  • Preparing an Agenda
  • Ensuring Meeting Success

Course Introduction

The Conference and Event Management course is designed to introduce students to the tools and techniques used to successfully plan and organize conferences and events. Students gain insight into planning and executing successful events at each stage of the event management process.

Students are given the opportunity to practice, apply, and develop their event planning skills through the completion of hands-on tasks and exercises found throughout each lesson as well as through the actual planning and management of a simulated event.

Course Prerequisites

Microsoft Word Level 1, Microsoft Excel Level 1, Internet Fundamentals, Business Correspondence Level 1

Course Outline

Conference and Event Management


Overview of the Industry; The Conference and Event Planner; Using Effective Planning Strategies


Researching the Event; Defining Goals and Objectives; Developing the Event Program; Inviting Guests and Managing Registrations; Understanding Event Marketing Basics


Identifying Event Vendors and Suppliers; Working with Event Exhibitors; Making Venue Choices; International and Multicultural Events; Confirming the Conference and Event Plan


Planning the Event Budget; Developing the Event Budget; Approving the Event Budget


Preparing Requests for Proposals; Signing Contracts for Services; Booking Presenters and Speakers; Understanding Legal Responsibilities


Overseeing Onsite Services; Organizing Event Setup and Registration; Assisting Event Guests; Completing Post-Event Activities


Understanding Corporate Meetings; Planning Effective Meetings; Preparing an Agenda; Ensuring Meeting Success

Course Notes

Course manual provided for on-going reference. There is a final exam upon completion of the course. Participants who receive 75% or higher on their exam will receive a certificate.

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