HTML and CSS Essentials Course

Sound challenging? Fear not, because learning to write code for the Web has never been easier or more fun. In this six-lesson HTML and CSS Essentials course, you’ll learn to create Web sites—using HTML to mark up the structure of the document, and CSS to dictate how each page element should look. You will also learn to expand on the basics with cutting-edge HTML5 and CSS3.

Course lessons are packed with hands-on examples that help you gain skills and confidence step-by-step. You’ll begin by mastering the basics of HTML markup and how to structure HTML5 pages. You’ll also learn how to create HTML tables and add multimedia with HTML5. Then you’ll learn to translate your page structure into visual designs that use CSS for typography and positioning. The course wraps up with a look at Web forms, CSS-based navigation, and special CSS3 visual effects.

This course is designed to provide a foundation in Web standards, the set of “best practices” established by the World Wide Web Consortium, among other organizations that set the standards for Web development. A site that adheres to Web standards makes use of certain designated markup, presentation, and scripting languages (like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript). Learning Web standards helps you build sites that are more accessible, usable, and cross-browser compatible, as well as simpler to build and maintain!




Online training supported by online instructors


A Student Guide is provided for this course. Evaluation is based solely on an Academy of Learning Career College final exam. Prior to taking the final exam, students must successfully complete all the components of the online course material. Participants who receive 75% or higher on their exam will receive a certificate.


Introduction to HTML and CSS; How the web works; Writing tags; Creating an HTML page; Structuring page content; Basic text formatting; Using hyperlinks; Inserting images; Web site structure; Posting to the web with FTP; Other common FTP tasks


Building HTML tables and introducing HTML5; Tables on the web; Creating a basic table; Customizing tables; Special tables; Introducing HTML5


HTML5 multimedia and troubleshooting; Adding audio and video using HTML5; Troubleshooting web page structure


Formatting text with CSS; Discovering types of CSS; Basic structure of CSS code; Writing CSS; Typography in CSS; Lists and links; Additional styles for page elements; Some notes on color


Page layout with CSS; The basics of CSS positioning; Position; Controlling page elements; Column-based layouts; Comparing structural and presentational markup; Troubleshooting CSS positioning and browser inconsistencies


Extending HTML and CSS; Interactive forms; Introducing CSS3; CSS navigation

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