Medical Office Procedures

This course provides an opportunity to learn and practice basic traditional and computer-related medical office procedures.

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32 Hours
What you'll learn
  • Health-care Personnel
  • Medical Office Support Staff
  • Medical Ethics
  • Medical Law
  • Medical Environment
  • Communication and Attitude
  • Reception Techniques
  • Telephone Techniques and Technology
  • Setting up and Maintaining Appointment Schedules
  • Dealing with Emergencies
  • Dealing with Walk-In Patients Without Appointments
  • Monitoring Appointments for Attendance
  • Other Appointments
  • Outside Appointments for Health-Care Providers
  • Time Management
  • Handling Incoming Documentation
  • Preparing Medical Documentation
  • Handling Outgoing Documentation
  • Medical Records
  • Medical Records Management Systems and Equipment
  • Filing Rules
  • Records Management Procedures
  • Medical Plans
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Billing Patients, Medical Plan Providers, and Other Agencies
  • Recording Payments
  • Preparing Cheques
  • Maintaining Patient Journals and Ledgers
  • Preparing Statements of Account
  • Handling Petty Cash
  • Banking Procedures
  • Basic Payroll Procedures
  • Controlling Inventory
  • Ordering Supplies
  • Receiving Supplies

Course Introduction

This course provides an opportunity to learn and practice basic traditional and computer-related medical office procedures, and to acquire the necessary skills to work in a variety of medical-oriented workplaces. While the primary focus of this course is on the role of the medical assistant in a doctor’s office, many of the examples, procedures, and tasks apply to other medical environments such as dental offices, clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, health-care plan and workers’ compensation offices, laboratories, specialists’ practices, medical association offices, etc.

During the course, students learn about health-care personnel and their role in providing quality patient care. Students also learn about medical ethics and the medical environment. Students develop and apply such skills as communicating with patients, health-care providers, and others; handling the medical office reception area; scheduling appointments and managing time; preparing and processing medical documentation; managing medical records; medical billing (manual and computerized); preparing and processing medical financial records; and handling purchasing and inventory control for medical office supplies. Throughout the course, students are given Internet Web site references to help them expand their medical knowledge. Included in the course are five appendices of supplemental information.

Course Prerequisites

Word Processing Level 1 course or equivalent. Knowledge of how to use the Internet beneficial.

Course Outline

Medical Office Procedures


Health-care Personnel; Medical Office Support Staff; Medical Ethics; Medical Law; Medical Environment


Communication and Attitude; Reception Techniques; Telephone Techniques and Technology


Setting up and Maintaining Appointment Schedules; Dealing with Emergencies; Dealing with Walk-In Patients Without Appointments; Monitoring Appointments for Attendance; Other Appointments; Outside Appointments for Health-Care Providers; Time Management


Handling Incoming Documentation; Preparing Medical Documentation; Handling Outgoing Documentation


Medical Records; Medical Records Management Systems and Equipment; Filing Rules; Records Management Procedures


Medical Plans; Workers’ Compensation; Billing Patients, Medical Plan Providers, and Other Agencies


Recording Payments; Preparing Cheques; Maintaining Patient Journals and Ledgers; Preparing Statements of Account; Handling Petty Cash; Banking Procedures; Basic Payroll Procedures


Controlling Inventory; Ordering Supplies; Receiving Supplies

Course Notes

Course manual provided for on-going reference. Upon completion of the course, there is a final exam. Participants who receive 75% or higher on their exam will receive a certificate.

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