What is the Integrated Learning System (ILS)?

Right from the beginning, AOLCC has used the Integrated Learning System – a self-directed, multisensory learning experience – as its primary method of delivery. Rather than encouraging students to passively absorb skills and knowledge, ILS puts them in the driver’s seat of their learning experience. Students read, write, listen, practice, discuss, and create their way to achieving course outcomes. In addition, trained learning coaches provide personalized, just-in-time support and help learners master course content, discover effective study habits, manage test anxiety, and hone the professional skills they’ll need to succeed in the workplace.

Simply a Better Way to Learn

Integrated Learning System from Academy of Learning

AOLCC’s eLearning modules are designed to build you skills step-by-step and help you master what you need to know to succeed in your new career. No matter how you learn best, ILS will help you get to where you want to go.

Simply a Better Way to Learn
Enhanced Learning System

Enhanced Individual Learning

An Integrated Learning System that focuses on each person’s unique learning experience.

Unlike other learning systems out there, ILS recognizes that every learner is unique and meets them exactly where they are. ILS draws on learners’ individual strengths and helps auditory, visual, read/write, and kinesthetic learners master the essential knowledge and skills they need to be job-ready.

Tailored for Learning Success

Utilizing different learning approaches for the best results.

ILS uses a competency-based, building block approach, steadily increasing learners’ skills and presenting them with opportunities to apply what they’ve learned in authentic situations. Viewing, reading, listening, and hands-on tasks combined with personalized, one-on-one support from a qualified facilitator is our recipe for success.

Tailored for Learning Success

What makes the (ILS) Great?