We’re Here Every Step of the Way

At Academy of Learning Career College, we’re pleased to offer the resources, services and support to help you succeed during your time with us – and beyond – wherever life takes you! Whether you’re looking for tips on adjusting to your new surroundings, interested in activities to get more involved in Academy of Learning’s community, seeking employment or volunteer opportunities, or overcome challenges that you’re experiencing, you’ll find the information you need through Student Support Services.

The Student Support Service’s goal is to support you in meeting your personal, academic and career objectives to help you to make the most of your experience. Working with our team of Student Success Specialists, we will help you develop and implement a customized action plan to meet your goals.

Student Support Services AOLCC
Student Support Services AOLCC

Student Orientation

The Student Orientation is a great opportunity to learn about your new school from academic, administrative and social perspectives. You’ll make new friends as you integrate into the campus life and familiarize yourself with college procedures. We have great presentations, tours and activities lined up for you to learn about the Academy of Learning Career College experience!

We can help you:

  • Familiarize yourself with your new environment
  • Get answers to your general questions and make referrals
  • Navigate registration and other college procedures
  • Make the most of the student support services that are available to you
  • Overcome any challenges that you’re experiencing

Connecting Students, Graduates and Employers

We help current students and recent graduates find employment through recruitment and networking events, job boards, and our network of local employers. Student Support Services offers assistance with Job Search and Resume Writing.  With every diploma and certificate programs, Thought Patterns for a Successful Career is included, which prepares students for their career search and goal setting.

Student Support Services AOLCC
Student Support Services AOLCC

We’re Here to Help

Can’t decide what career you want? Which course to take or drop? Are you running out of money, food or time? Trying to come to terms with a relationship-or dealing with a difficult situation? Are you feeling overwhelmed? If you need some help or just someone who will listen while you talk things through, you’ve come to the right place. We listen.

Whether your concerns are academic, career-related or personal, our experienced professional team of caring Counselors understands what students are dealing with and how to help.